Geometric Modeling and Graphics

A few years ago, some colleagues of mine and I developed a new representation for smooth surfaces defined from triangle meshes. This representation is based on the manifold approach pioneered by Cindy Grimm and John Hughes. Our representation has several advantages over previous ones. It has been presented in the SMI 2009 and published by the Computer & Graphics journal. Most of my current research efforts in geometric modeling and graphics are devoted to extensions of this work. In particular, I am currently working on a manifold-based optimization approach for improving local parametrizations of large meshes (see Guskov's paper for a similar work).

As part of my research during my sabbatical year at the University of Florida, I am also working on a planar version of the channel problem. In particular, I am developing a solution for threading a curvature-continuous spline curve through a planar channel. This research has been conducted in collaboration with Jörg Peters at SurfLab.

Medeiros, E.; Siqueira, M.
“Good Random Multi-Triangulation of Surfaces”, IEEE TVCG, 2017 (In Press)
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Paper presented at the Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP 2017)

Máximo, A.; Velho, L.; Siqueira, M.
“Adaptive multi-chart and multiresolution mesh representation”, Computer & Graphics, 38, 2014, p. 322-340.
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Gallier, J.; Xu, D.; Siqueira, M.
“Parametric pseudo-manifolds”, Differential Geometry and Its Applications, 30(6), December, 2012, p. 702-736.
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Siqueira, M.; Xu, D.; Nonato, L. G.; Morera, D. M.; Gallier, J.; Velho, L.
“A new construction of smooth surfaces from triangle meshes using parametric pseudo-manifolds”, Computer & Graphics, 33(3), June 2009, p. 331-340. (Special Issue of the IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications - SMI 2009, Beijing, China)
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Castelo Filho, A.; Nonato, L. G.; Siqueira, M.; Minghim R.; Tavares, G.
“The J1a triangulation: an adaptive triangulation in any dimension”, Computer & Graphics, 30(5), October 2006, p.737-753.

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