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Departamento de Matemática - DMAT
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN, Natal, RN, Brazil

Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2006

I conduct research in Geometric Modeling and Graphics, Computational Geometry, and Digital Topology. I published a few papers in each of these areas, and developed freely available and open source software related to my research results. Go to my research page for downloading papers and code.

I am currently on unpaid leave from UFRN. I accepted a job offer to work for a startup company located at Campbell, CA, USA. If you need to reach me out, please email me using my Gmail account.

Campus Universitário, S/N, Lagoa Nova,
Natal (RN), Brasil, 59078-970
Tel: +55 (84) 3215 3820 Ext. 30
Fax: +55 (84) 3215 3685
e-mail: mfsiqueira (at) mat (at) ufrn (at) br

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Last update: August 19, 2017